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99 St. Marks Place (subway stops)
between First Ave. & Ave. A
New York NY 10009
(212) 477-8647 or (212) 477-8648
email is  (also use this as our paypal address)

Monday to Friday: Open by 1pm – 10pm
Saturday: Open by 1pm until 11pm
Sunday: Open by 1pm – 9pm

To reach a buyer in the morning before open hours click here

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE BOOKS TO SELL OR DONATE AND ARRIVE BY VEHICLE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT FRIDAY AFTER 5, ALL DAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: INSTRUCTIONS TO PULL UP IN FRONT OF THE STORE on those days: Because of the City street program on the weekends, the street has metal barriers at the opening. You will see our sign on the barriers. Easy to open, flashers on, close behind you. Store is a third of the way down on the left. Move our cones if necessary and park and unload. Replace the cones when you leave. No barriers at the exit end of the street.