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We are open every day from 1:00 till 9:45 (Sundays till 9).  Check this website or call (212-477-8647) the store before coming in, as the hours on any given day could change, including closing early.

You must be wearing a mask to enter the store NOTE: Research shows that we can release up to 10 times more covid particles through speaking than a cough. The particles are potentially more infectious.  So when you come into the store please do not carry on unnecessary conversations with the store staff or other patrons.  Keep in mind that a year from now, or after the vaccine, we can talk about this past.

Shopping: We have instituted time and occupancy limits in our store consistent with the CDC recommendation.  Further, you will not be permitted to enter if you have any symptoms.  We clean all surfaces as recommended.  If you do not wish to stand 6 feet from other persons do not enter.  Even though research does not support virus viability on book surfaces for any practicable period, we have wipes and disposable gloves if you wish.

East Village Books is a cash only (all analog) used bookstore in Manhattan, New York City.  We sell and BUY books, including art and photography books, textbooks (buyback), philosophy, mathematics, religion, occult, esoterica, new age, counter-culture, critical theory, music, literary fiction, Greek and Latin–actually any scholarly subject, review copies, underground comics/graphic novels, recent law books, technical books in such subjects as finance, theoretical and applied science, recent software.  Estate libraries are our specialtyWe also buy CD’s and DVD’s, except for pop music or mainstream movies.  We do not purchase genre books (i.e. best-sellers), outdated textbooks, children or young adult books, pop psychology/business books (unless they are new releases), most self-help books, coffee table books (unless they are art book monographs).

Sell to us first for the highest prices. We buy used books at our store whenever we are open. During store hours call (212) 477-8647 or (212) 477-8648. To contact a buyer before we open click here.  Our email address is  See instructions to the left for how to sell us books and textbooks/CD’s/DVD’s and estate libraries utilizing our email.  Sending photos allows us to keep the store traffic to a minimum.

Cash paid, of course, and you may bring books to our store (we will help you in and direct you to parking if needed). If the quantity is large we will come to you. Thank you for calling us first.

We also sell used postcards.

We also sell many pictures suitable for framing.

Where is the best place in New York City to sell books or textbooks?

What is the best way to support your local used bookstore?

Donations of books are definitely welcome. We have a fund for non-profits that we replenish from the sale of books that have been donated to us.

Find us at 99 Saint Marks Place (subway stops) between Avenue A and First Avenue, Monday thru Friday from 1 P.M. till 11 P.M.*; Saturday from 1 PM till late (at least 11 P.M., sometimes midnite); Sunday from 1 P.M. till 9.

*We are now open many days from noon until midnight. Call to make sure if you are coming in before 1pm or after 11pm.

phone: (212) 477-8647 | email: | before hours book buyer: here

You can find the best things in used books.  To see an actual copy of a previously unseen document (in French or in translation) written by Henri Cartier Bresson, click on the photo below.  This was found in a book by Bresson previously owned by a producer at NBC.

Photo of the cremation of GANDHI on the banks of the Sumna River, Delhi, India by Cartier-Bresson
The cremation of GANDHI on the banks of the Sumna River, Delhi, India, 1948. Photo by Henri Cartier Bresson.