Where to Sell Your Books in Manhattan

Where is the best place to sell books and textbooks in Manhattan?

The answer is it depends.  We will first address the question of large libraries (collections of books in a residence or storage unit, often from an estate).  If you do not have the time (usually years) and energy to sell the books yourself on line, then an established bookstore would be the best place.  A general bookstore like East Village Books would be a good place, because we carry the largest variety of items.  We are mostly interested in the scholarly and art books described on this website, however we are quite general (we even buy CD’s, DVD’s and ephemera) and will always refer you to an alternative place if we cannot help you.  Please feel free to call when you are with the books so that you can best describe the library.  YOU CAN ALWAYS SEND PHOTOS OF THE BOOKS (SPINES) TO OUR EMAIL:  eastvillagebooksny@aol.com   Take pictures of the spines close enough for us to read the titles.  If there are too many books you can send us a representative selection of photos.  In the alternative you can send us a list of titles.

For smaller amounts of books, a store that buys whenever open and which has long hours seven days a week might be best.  Refer to this website for our hours of operation.  And what is most important is respect for your time and energy.  You can call us any time (there is even a number to call before we are open) and let us know what books you plan to bring in.  That way you will not have to carry in unsalable books.  And if you do not wish to carry away unsold books you can usually leave them for our homeless donation program.