Sell Us Your Books – Large Libraries or Small Quantities

We are mostly interested in the scholarly and art books described on the main page–however we are quite general (we even buy CD’s, DVD’s and ephemera) and will always refer you to an alternative place if we cannot help you.  Please feel free to call when you are with the books so that you can best describe the library.  YOU CAN ALWAYS SEND PHOTOS OF THE BOOKS (SPINES) TO OUR EMAIL:   Take pictures of the spines close enough for us to read the titles.  If there are too many books you can send us a representative selection of photos.  In the alternative you can send us a list of titles.


For college textbooks, law books, technical books, click here.

You can bring books to the store any time we are open (until the Covid threat is past you must first contact us via email to arrange for a time) .  Parking is usually available in the neighborhood.  If you drive up we can help you inside and direct you to parking.  In the event that your library is too large we can come to your residence to take a look.  However we would need pictures (preferably), or an accurate description of the books, best made by phone when you are there with the library.

We have a donation program which is multifaceted.  From the sale of donated books we support all legitimate non-profits that ask us for money.  We also have a homeless donation program where the books that we cannot sell are directed to the people selling on the street.  There are some books that we would not accept because there would be no outlet for them.