Sell Us Your Textbooks, Law Books and Technical Books

guidelines for textbooks and Law books only

If you have college textbooks (or law books, technical books) that you would like to sell contact us by email, following the instructions below for sending ISBN numbers.  Please keep in mind that we generally buy the most recent edition of textbooks and law books.  The most recent edition of a textbook is generally one published within the past 3 or 4 years.  Law book often go a few years longer.  We will not consider older text books or law books, so please do not send those ISBN numbers. Technical books depend on the subject and relevancy. No test prep books.

You can email the ISBN numbers and note any flaws such as wear, water stains, markings such as highlighting or underlining.  You must type out the ISBN (located with the bar code on the rear cover or inside on the copyright page, which is usually about the third page).  Do not include the dashes between the numbers.  Do not send pictures of the book or bar code.  If you have only one book you may call us with the isbn.  The quote that we give you is for a book in very good condition with no or minimal marks, or if you provide us an accurate condition our quote is for that condition.  When you arrive at the store you should tell us that you have a quote.  

If you have books that are not textbooks or law books or technical books please go to the Sell Us Your Books page.