Support Your Local Bookstore by Selling Your Books

What is the best way to support your local used bookstore?  The short answer is by selling your books to the store.  This may sound a bit contradictory, as we are taught by the capitalist system that buying (i.e., buy, buy, buy) helps businesses.  However, it is important to realize that a used bookstore operates under a different economic plan than a new bookstore.  The latter functions by determining the market and ordering books from a distributor.  There are no distributors for the used books that you purchase in a store like East Village Books.  To be frank, the more the staff hustles after books (no sitting at a desk ordering) the better the selection is going to be when you come to shop.  It’s a big recycling thing, which is great for the environment.  We want you to come and shop, as well, but you aren’t going to be under any pressure to buy.  We would rather talk to you and learn than sell you something.  And speaking of the environment we are tending toward eliminating plastic bags in our store.  You should be carrying your own bag with you by now, anyway.  It is better that you swallow your pride than some fish swallow your bag.